About us

Welcome to Haus of K2, where passion meets craftsmanship. Based in the vibrant heart of San Diego, I draw inspiration from cherished family moments, watching my mother and grandparents adorned in exquisite, exclusive jewelry.

Driven by a desire to make the elegance of pearls more accessible, I personally source these treasures directly from oyster farmers in Thailand, Vietnam, and across Asia. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, I aim to redefine the affordability of quality jewelry, steering away from inflated department store prices.

At Haus of K2’s Jewelry, our creations blend the timeless allure of traditional pearls with a modern twist, ensuring they can be worn effortlessly, whether it’s for daily elegance or special occasions. As a dedicated dad, each design is crafted with the same love and care I would put into creating something special for my daughter, nieces, and the influential women in my life.

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to introduce a collection of unisex jewelry in 2024, embracing diversity and providing timeless pieces for every gender. Join us on this journey where every piece tells a story, weaving together tradition, modernity, and the enduring beauty of pearls.

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